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Commonwealth Games | Opening Ceremony

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Curiious and Jack Morton Worldwide in creating the content for four major cultural and protocol segments of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

At the heart of the show was a remarkable 64m wide circle of sand, which served not only as a stage but also as an expansive projection surface. This central element allowed us to unleash our creativity and deliver a captivating visual experience.

Working closely with the directors of each segment, we ensured seamless integration between visual elements, music, choreography, and lighting. Our goal was to create a harmonious and immersive spectacle that would leave a lasting impression on the audience.

It was truly a privilege to be involved in such a grand-scale event and play a part in welcoming the world to the Gold Coast.

Client: Commonwealth Games

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

Content Studio: Curiious

Creative Direction: Fabio Nardo & Fred Simard

The Event