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Nissan | CES 2020

Entrusted by Curiious, I had the incredible privilege of leading the creative direction for the groundbreaking launch of the Nissan Ariya Concept . This remarkable car, designed for the new era of electrification, took the spotlight at the highly anticipated 2020 Consumer Electronic Salon in Las Vegas.

Working alongside a talented team of CGI artists, motion graphics experts, designers, musicians, and sound designers, we crafted a captivating 10-minute presentation that offered a glimpse into Nissan's latest technological advancements.

Our content was thoughtfully designed for easy customization, allowing for last-minute adjustments and flexibility during the event. The result was an immersive and energetic experience that captivated large crowds, drawing them to the Nissan booth with its undeniable allure.

Client: Nissan 

Agency: Curiious

Creative Director: Fred Simard

Senior producer: Kyle Blanshard

CGI: Collected

Music & Sound: Uncanny valley.

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