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Infiniti | Project Black S

From a private yacht club in Paris, Infiniti and Renault F1 unveiled their latest gem: The Black S. This remarkable sedan combines the thrill of Formula 1 technology with the elegance of a daily driver.

Working alongside Curiious and GPJ, we created an immersive brand launch experience that delved into the captivating stories behind this exclusive vehicle. Through a series of engaging activations, we invited the media to uncover the cutting-edge technology and stunning design that make The Black S truly exceptional.

Attendees were treated to an interactive augmented reality screen, which revealed the shared innovations between The Black S and F1. They also experienced a sensorial moment, synchronized with the heartbeat of an F1 Driver, immersing them in the power and performance of the car. An interactive turntable allowed them to explore the vehicle's features at their own pace.

This notable event brought a fresh approach to car launches, highlighting Infiniti's dedication to inventive narratives and cutting-edge technologies.

Client: Infiniti 

Agency: Curiious

Creative Director: Fred Simard 

Director: Fabio Nardo

Music & Sound Design: Uncanny Valley

The Event