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Infiniti | Shanghai Motorshow

With the trust of Curiious, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead content creation for Infiniti's captivating showcase at the Shanghai Motor Show, unveiling their groundbreaking Electric Vehicle concept, Qs Inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from the car's remarkable human-centric design, I curated a captivating collection of content that pays homage to the talented team and design principles that brought this visionary concept car to life.

Working alongside an exceptionally talented team of designers, CGI artists, editors, musicians, and motion graphic artists, I successfully crafted a fresh and captivating motor show aesthetic for Infiniti. Additionally, I produced various collateral assets tailored for social media platforms, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging digital presence.

Client: Infiniti 

Agency: Curiious

Creative Director: Fred Simard 

Senior producer: Lara Allen

Director: Fabio Nardo

CGI: Kollected

Music & Sound Design: Uncanny Valley

The Event

Car Reveal

A bold and powerful reveal moment crafted from imagery captured in Japan, sound bites from interviews with the designers and motion graphic animations.

Design Film