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Milan Expo | UAE Pavilion

In partnership with Curiious and Action Impact, I contributed to an extraordinary project at the UAE pavilion during the 2015 Milan Expo.

Our team created a captivating installation that immersed visitors in a truly unforgettable experience. By combining cutting-edge technology, we developed a seamless integration of elements. The installation featured a remarkable 180-degree scrim projection, accompanied by a hydraulically operated circular segmented floor. To enhance the immersive effect, we utilized real-time projection mapping technology and a concealed LED matrix, resulting in a mesmerizing three-dimensional illusion.

The overall result was an engaging and awe-inspiring experience, leaving visitors in awe of the innovative capabilities and creativity showcased in the UAE pavilion.

Client: Action Impact

Agency: Curiious

Creative Director: Simon Tapping

Art Director: Fred Simard

The Event